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The cab is insulated against noise and heat so well that an air conditioning system is not necessary in normal conditions. The noise emission from the engine and hydrostatic drive can be kept to a very low level thanks to very good shielding, and engine and cab rubber mounting. The engine has a double silencer to permit a very low sound level in the immediate vicinity. An air suspension seat from Grammar with active vibration damping, together with the other components, permits fatigue-free work. All the important functions are operable directly from the joystick on the armrest. An optimal view forwards, to the pickup and around the machine ensure safe work.

The front wagon has a steel-tube chassis. The cab and diesel engine are supported on separate rubber buffers. A pivot joint connects the front wagon to the press, allowing the entire front wagon to swing to and fro. Steering is performed by the front axle. The axle under the press is replaced by a carrier which houses the two wheel gears of the rear axle. Each wheel is separately driven and controlled.

Optimal weight distribution (empty 52/48%, full 47/53%) ensures perfect traction at all times. The short design results in optimal ground tracking of the pickup and in an easily manageable, manoeuvrable machine. The permanent all-wheel drive with full transverse and longitudinal compensation protects the sward when cornering.

The self-propelled round bale press unites high performance, manoeuvrability, compact design with small overall dimensions and low empty weight. As all the wheels are driven, manoeuvring over any terrain is possible without restrictions. This all goes to ensure soil protection in operation and unbeatable output. Supplemented with the RBW 125 round bale wrapper, the combination permits optimal work on any terrain. The bales are transferred directly to the wrapping table without ground contact. The machine is controlled via CAN/BUS on a touchscreen monitor.

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