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Baling and wrapping in one operation!

This machine for making maize bales and packaging is characterized by a particularly high compaction, a stable wrapping without net and a cube-like shaping of the pressed material.


  • higher performance: up to 50 tons of maize per hour
  • bigger bales: up to 1.04m x 1.04m x 1.20 m = 1.25m3
  • lower costs per bale
  • Tipper filling with bunker available by request

Our press is optimized for minimum operating costs and is particularly suitable for the production of maize bales. However, many other feeds such as moist cereals can be pressed into round bales.

Swiss Made – Swiss Quality!

Unsurpassed quality, energy efficiency and cost optimisation. A machine from the manufacturer which itself has 6 machines in use directly to the end customer. Producing maize bales and manufacturing maize balers since 1997.

Multi-Patented Baling and Wrapping System

Two rams that compact the material into a bale in a single step.
Overpressure and subsequent loosening ensure even greater density and the exclusion of air. Wrapping without bale net or mantle film. Wrapping in two steps with normal stretch film. Wrapping in two different directions for optimum bale shape and material packaging. Cross-wrapping makes it easier to open the bales over a feed mixer or to separate them for partial rations. Square shape makes bales easy to transport, load and secure.

What Is Special?

  • Very low power requirement: 15-kW electric motor and energy costs of € 3.00/h
  • Low packaging costs: Normal stretch film, cost per bale of € 3.90
  • High level of compaction: 28 t/m2 pressing force, compaction from two sides with up to 35 tons/ram
  • Large storage bin: MVA 750 10 m3, MVA 1000 11 m3, MVA 1250 16 m3

What Makes the Difference?

  • Little space required to operate the machine
  • Square bales for easy handling, stacking and transport
  • Minimal maintenance and upkeep costs
  • Process completely automated, fixed/constant cycle time per bale
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Not dependent on the manufacturer for a long period of time, thanks to the use of standard parts

Maintenance & Service

Use your time at home to load the machine with film, not to service it. We use 6 machines in our own contracting company – we know what we are talking about! Low wear, minimal maintenance, no components that require constant monitoring. If a part should wear out, we use standard parts that are available worldwide. This allows you to repair the machine and service it without waiting for parts from the manufacturer or calling specialists on site.

Support & Remote Maintenance

Thanks to the latest generation of control (Beckhoff with Windows 10 operating system), all forms of remote maintenance and remote access are possible via VPN in order to provide on-site assistance in the event of an emergency. Should you have any problems or malfunctions, you can contact the manufacturer directly for assistance.

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